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Trust Is Powerful!


In God We Trust…

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity…Charles Dickens may had been writing about the French revolution in his novel “A Tale of Two Cities, ” in 1859. But he very well could have been describing our present days.

We find the best in the discovery of technology which helps us connect with millions and everywhere by a simple click on a key. The worst is the lack of humanity in many, and which is demonstrated by the despicable acts humankind commits against one another.

Wisdom comes to us through many sources, and in many shapes and forms. Yet, we also fail to act in wisdom and as a society continue acting very foolishly.

Many turn for solace to the God of the Universe, however they conceive Him, and ask for HIs protection and strength to face what needs to be faced in faith, while others deny His existence altogether.

Nothing I have faced in my long life equals what this world we inhabit is today and yet, I have to admit that everything in my long life has been preparing me for this.

Few days ago, very early, properly geared against the seen and unseen, and finding it difficult to breathe with the three face masks I had, unnecessarily, piled on my mouth and nostrils, I decided to walk instead of jog. As I did this, I turned my heart to God. Yes, I am one of those who believe in Him, and asked not only for help, but for understanding, for strength, for peace. Almost at the end of my walk, I looked down and found a solitary coin on the pavement.

Picking it up, I flipped over the tiny coin and read the inscribed words, “In God We Trust”. I felt a smile break under the masks covering my face, and a warm sensation coursed through my body. Even before I started to pray, I knew my supplication would be heard, but I did not expect such a quick answer. I came back home both renewed in body and spirit.

The pandemic we face and the impact is having on us is unprecedented. The Baby boomers never lived through a world war, or a great depression. We have faced many things but nothing close to what our grandchildren are going through at an early age.

My phone has been inundated with panicky texts from patients and friends who are finding it difficult to cope. Panic attacks, insomnia, depression, anxiety, heart palpitations, diarrhea, abdominal distention, overeating or lack of appetite are some of the many symptoms they have been experiencing and have asked for my help to control.

Therefore, I was not surprised this morning when I read a message a dear friend of mine sent me. “ I am bleeding from my upper gums! What does it mean? I am so stressed out.”

I asked her if she has gastritis. Surprised by my question, she nonetheless said she did. So, I gave her some suggestions for her to change her diet and help control her condition.

Everyone fears they, or someone they love, have become infected with COVID-19. They fear the loss of income, the

loss of freedom, the loss of life as we have known it.

These feelings are causing a myriad of ailments in many. And I, personally, find them more accentuated on those who lack trust. Trust in themselves and their power to protect their families, trust in the wisdom of our leaders, trust in the sincerity of those surrounding them and offering help, and most of all, trust in God and his Plan for all of us.

I became acquainted with death and its aftermath since the age of twelve. It shaped me. I have lived my life with the understanding that one day I will die, with full awareness that though my spirit is immortal, my body will one day rest in the earth from which it came. I have made my decisions based on my desire to end this life having lived it to the fullest, and leaving good memories for those I will leave behind. But I also became a doctor in an attempt to present battle to that nemesis and have devoted my time and skills to help others become educated, empowered, and healed as much as I have been able to.

My experience through life and study has made me aware of the power our emotions can have on our body’s health. Let fear, worry, frustration, anger, grief run unchecked for long, and our bodies will respond by getting sick, and sometimes gravelly so.

On the other hand, allowing optimism, hope, faith, love, and trust permeate your being, and ultimately your body, though showing the natural wear and tear of age, will recover its strength.

So, my advise to you is to try to find that inner strength to face whatever with hope and trust. Not wishing to thrust into you my beliefs, I nonetheless wish to leave my testimony that God indeed lives, He knows us, He loves us, and this mortal journey is not the end, but only the second phase of an infinite perfect Plan by which we can go back to Him with those we love and this time to live together forever. Trust me on this. And trust Him!

This is just my opinion…

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