We Don't Need to Be Right. We Need to Walk Right.

In 1988, I proudly took an oath to become a citizen of this country. I was willing to forsake my loyalty to any other and stand firm to defend the values the United States of America stood for, "One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for All.”

In 1991, I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because I knew Its teachings are true and were getting me closer to become a true follower of Christ, who said, “If Ye Are not One, Ye Are not Mine.”

I still believe He is asking us to follow and come unto Him. He is still reminding us to love one another, and without hate or anger stand for what we believe to be true with respect and love towards those who don’t.

My heart is breaking this morning for those who died yesterday in mass shootings, for their families whose lives changed forever in a matter of minutes due to the evil acts of others, but even more for those who think the answer lies in carrying a gun to defend ourselves and our families, who express their heartbreak, fear, and pain with insults and name calling, and those who want to retaliate with the same. We are missing the point, my friends.

The antidote to hate is not more hate or someone else carrying another gun. But someone carrying love in his or

her heart and the Gospel of Christ to love All of His Children. Faith in Jesus Christ and Repentance to come Unto Him will bring us back to being Great again. Not a wall, not more shootings, not name calling, not anger.

America was great because America was faithful once. So, today, if you go to church, pray for unity and for our becoming once again, ‘A Nation, Under God…With Liberty and Justice for All.’

Be safe and know that you are loved.

This is just my opinion…


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