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Yaaay! We Are Different!

We Are All Different...And It Is OK!

I come from a family of seven children. Each and everyone different in looks, personality, talents and skills, but also weaknesses and imperfections. Being imperfect humans as we are, we have

wasted much energy, many more years, and effort, trying to emulate others we deemed better than we are. It has taken me these many years of living and learning that although it is good to strive for betterment always, it is a waste of time to strive to become like someone else, regardless of how worthy that individual may be at our eyes. We are different and it is okay.

Like our fingers are different and coexist peacefully and productively, each of us possesses traits that are unique and helpful not only to ourselves but to others.

By knowing ourselves, by appreciating ourselves, by getting to realize what our unique mission is and how we are equipped for it, we will get rid of those feelings of inadequacy. Most of all, we will realize that we were born to be peculiar people, to stand out, even to be weird. We will learn to appreciate our uniqueness and be true to ourselves valuing those differences that make us who we are, for it is in the whole and the blending in with others and their uniqueness that perfection may finally be attained.

This is just my opinion...

As a single woman, a Mormon and a western/ Chinese doctor.

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