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Much More Than A Good Night Sleep

Marjoram. Much More Than An Aid For Sleeping.

Marjoram or Origanum Majorana has been known through history for is powerful effects on sleep, dreams, and relaxation. But, this perennial herb, indigenous to Cyprus and Turkey can be used for much more than a calming relaxed sleep. From the mint family, Marjoram has powerful antibacterial and antiseptic effects as well. It therefore can help with Croup and acts as an expectorant. But it also is known for helping with arthritis, muscle cramps, stiff joints, sprains and bone spurs. Because it acts as an arterial vasodilator and it has a diuretic effect, it can be used to help with high blood pressure, and menstrual cramps, physical stress and muscle fatigue. Skin issues such as carbuncles, cold sores, shingles, sunburns and even ringworm are other of its possible uses.

So, whether you use it in tea form, in your cooking to season soups, stews or dressings, or as an essential oil, Marjoram is a good herb to keep close by.


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