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Seeking Knowledge

I sat in Church that morning while the speaker taught us a lesson on searching for knowledge continuously. Surrounded by friends, I heard her invitation to voice our opinions and personal experiences regarding the subject of knowledge and learning. "Well, I heard my friend Clara say, the Glory of God is intelligence. And the scriptures teach us to seek knowledge by study and by faith."

That got me thinking on the why. Why should we devote our lives to learning? Why are we commanded by God Himself, if we are to believe the scriptures, and I do, to learn? Why is it better to be learned than not?

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love learning. I have two doctorates in medicine under my belt, besides countless of certifications in healing, diagnostic and procedural techniques. In my old age, I learned to read music and play, albeit not very well yet, the piano. I am attempting to add another language to those I already speak, choosing to learn Mandarin this time. You will always find me with a book near by on different subjects, such as philosophy, religion, medicine, psychology, parenting, history, biographies, etc.

But why? What does study bring into our lives, and why is it beneficial to us?

Pondering on this, I have come to the conclusion that the more we know about something, the better we become at it, and it takes knowledge to become self-sufficient.

As a woman, I became aware of this important fact early in life. Very few women of previous generations were encouraged to study beyond high school.

My generation was more fortunate. We did go on to higher education and became teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, bankers, and more.

Learning and knowledge has made us perhaps more stable, better role models for younger generations, less afraid of failures and the unknown, more risk takers and more able to help those around us than our mothers and grandmothers were.

In knowledge lies power and freedom too. Freedom from bondage of failed and toxic relationships. Freedom from the fear of what our future holds. Freedom from repeating the mistakes of the past. Freedom to live our dreams and attain our goals. Even freedom from depending on someone else for our keep and sustenance.

The benefits of learning and knowledge are endless. Educating ourselves will help us become wiser mothers, better wives, more profitable members of society; in short, education will always broaden our horizons.

Excuses for not pursuing the path of learning are also endless. We may tell ourselves it is too late, we are too old, the kids are too young, we have no money, we are too busy, we do not know how or where do we start?

You start where you are, and as soon as possible.

I went back to school for my second doctorate, this time in Chinese medicine at the age of 56, while working full time and serving in several positions of high responsibility in my community. In the same program, I met others raising children, many while nursing the ache of divorce or widowhood, and relying on loans to pay for their education. They did it because they believed there was a purpose, and they did it with determination.

They gained with that a stronger sense of self, and I dare say became more charismatic and entertaining. There is nothing more enchanting than a well learned woman.

So, seek to empower yourself by learning. Forget the excuses and do not look at the obstacles on your way, but rather focus on the purpose, the dream, the goal, the triumphant future. If you do, you will make it. And if you make it, you will become better than you are now. And a better you, will always be a happier you.

You only need to dream, to hope, to work hard and to persevere to become the someone that lies dormant in you.

Someone who is more capable of surviving, and helping others along the way. Someone who has discovered the power of learning continuously, and that someone who knows there are no limits to our progress, for God Himself wants us to become "even as He is."

This is just my opinion...

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