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Light The World

Be The Light of The World!

After several months devoted to my family and patients. When I have been busy traveling, and hopefully making memories with my loved ones. When I have been serving my patients and working on serving my community with podcasts on health and wellness and my friends at Divine Intervention, Dr. Elena Rodriguez and Annette Uribe. Today, finds me once again sharing my thoughts with you my faithful and patient followers.

December is about to start. With it comes the frenzy, the shopping for gifts, the getting ready for the Christmas parties, for the dinners and the relatives’ visits. As an aftermath, some may think of what the season means and what are we supposed to be celebrating. But, unfortunately, most will be rushing back and forth from malls and stores, or frantically ordering from the internet the perfect gift, while tempers flare up and rudeness increase.

This is one of the reasons I welcome once again The Light The World program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Members of the church are encouraged by our leaders to forget ourselves and do good to others throughout the month of December as a remembrance of Him, whose Birth we celebrate with the rest of the Christian world.

Starting on December First, we will use week number 1 to Light the World by doing something nice for people of different cultures, donating to a global cause or helping refugees near and far, etc. letting our light, Light The World.

Week number 2, will see us doing service to our neighbors by seeking ways to serve those who live around us. Are there any service projects we can volunteer for? perhaps we can donate much needed blood or helping out anyway we can. The purpose is to Light Our Community.

On Week number 3, we will focus our light and influence on our loved ones. Some ways we are advised to do this is by, calling, visiting or spending time with our parents, saying something nice to someone we love, or better yet, put it on writing and give to them. The bottom line is to show a little more love to those we love the most, to let your light, Light Your Family.

December’s last week will be devoted to nourishing our faith. How long has it been since you reflected on how closely you are following on Jesus’ steps? How long since you counted your blessings or remembered the tender mercies, miracles, and witnesses you have received which have come through your faith? Regardless of how strong we think our faith may be, we all need to stop the busyness of our lives and ponder on things not of this world. In other words, we will focus our light to Light Your Faith.

Regardless of the fact that many of us may already be doing this, or trying to, every day of the year, by actively deciding to follow the admonition of our church leaders and focus this whole month to do a little better every week, I hope Christmas Day finds me a little kinder, a little more patient, a little more humble, a little more loving, a little more Christlike.

So, if you find yourself on the receiving line of my efforts this month, please let me. Allow me to shower on you the light I am trying very hard to reflect in an increasingly dark world, and you would have allowed me to keep the counsel our Redeemer Himself gave us when he said, “…what manner of men ye ought to be? Even as I am.”

This is just my opinion today…

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