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Mothers...Aren't We All?

Happy Mother's Day! It has been said that when Adam met Eve, God asked him what would he call her. Adam replied, "Eve." Why would you call her Eve? asked God. "Because she is the Mother of All Living." came the answer. This was before Adam knew his wife or she had had the opportunity to bear a child. And, aren't all women mothers at one point or another? The definition of Mother is " a woman who births a child, or cares and protects it as if she had."

By that definition, any woman who is in tune with her divine nature, who recognizes the unique traits that womanhood gives us per se, who acknowledges and appreciates the feelings and attributes we come equipped with since birth, will look for ways to mother someone regardless of a biological tie. As women, we are the first to serve, to care, to protect those more vulnerable. We are teased by our brothers when we cry during a "chick flick" because our compassion will bring us to tears even during a movie, and will bring us to action in real life.

A mother looks for ways to make others happy, and safe, and better than she found them. A mother seeks to make the lives of others more stable, emotionally, spiritually and physically. A mother sacrifices time, talents, and resources for someone she loves or a cause she believes in. A mother lives in each and every woman who knows how unique she indeed is.

So, today, I wish all mothers, those who have born a child or have cared and loved someone, a very Happy Mother's Day.

May we all continue to be the driving force in our homes, families and society. May we understand that we are the "heart" which beats life into everyone and everything we touch. If the heart is diseased, the body will soon die. So, let us take care of ourselves that we may continue being who we were born to be, the givers of life, and "the mothers of the living".

This is just my opinion...

As a single woman, a mormon, and

a western/Chinese doctor.

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