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"A Dream in the Land of Erod"

Hello, friends. My apologies to those of you who faithfully visited this website for weeks, hoping to read something new.

I have been extremely busy finishing my first children's fiction manuscript. Happily, I can report that, "A Dream in the Land of Erod" is indeed finished. Now, I am in the process of writing a killer outline to make publishers want to work with me.

Just like a good movie trailer makes you want to see the whole movie, I have to come up with something exciting that makes the reader say something like, "I can't wait to read the whole thing."

And truthfully, I am finding this even more challenging than writing a credible novel.

So, I would like to hear from you before I submit anything to the publishers. Would you leave me a comment and tell me if what I have written entices you to read more?

Here it goes...

Dara and Connor are 5 year old twins mysteriously connected in thoughts and talents.

They fall asleep one day after visiting the beach with their mother, and find themselves transported to the magical land of Erod.

The people of Erod are in bondage and need their help.The twins, in spite of their tender age, are equipped with courage, love and faith, precisely the traits they need to rescue their new friends.

The price they will have to pay in the process will be high though.

All of those traits will be tested during their adventure, their courage when facing the enemy, their faith when they have to rely on the regal albino eagles, and their other friends willing to help them. Finally, they will ask themselves if the love they feel for the people of Erod will prove stronger than the physical pain they will have to endure to reach the talisman of the five emotions and free them.

When their enemy is defeated and their victory assured, they wake up from their nap and their parents do not know what to make of their adventure. Was it a dream or was it for real?

Only the twins know that underneath Connor's mattress lies the proof of its reality...

Do you find this enticing? I will keep at work until I hear from you.

This is just my plea...

As a mormon, a single woman, and a western/Chinese doctor

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