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Happy New Year!

2017 is gone. Here comes 2018. We hold our breath and wait to see what unfolds. Each of us gets a brand new canvas and another chance to paint with our brush strokes another chapter of our lives.

We hope, we pray, we dream, and we plan, but nothing will happen if we do not act. So, on this new year, whatever our goals may be, let us start by believing that they can be accomplished, and take the first step.

Faith, belief, and hard work is all it takes for us to succeed. Faith in Him who did create us precisely for that, success. Believe in ourselves, our strengths, our dreams, our plans, our goals. Work hard with what we have in terms of strengths, skills, gifts, and other resources. All three are required to see our goals materialize.

I, for one, desire to be more tolerant this next year, more giving, more ready to forgive, more willing to serve. I want to laugh more, but also shed tears when my heart is full. I want to be more grateful. I want to take care of my body as if I truly love and appreciate it but also my mind by filling it with knowledge and positive thoughts. I want to talk less and listen more. I want to find something about myself I may not know today. Yes, I want to surprise myself. I want to enjoy the people and things which surround me everyday. I want to really stop and smell the roses. I want to be more compassionate and also count my blessings. I want to develop my strengths, and encourage my progress.

I want at the end of 2018 to find myself happier, more fulfilled, and better equipped to raise others up another notch. Only then, will I be able to wish myself and others a happy new year.

I did that on 2017. I look back and see that the experiences I had, the challenges I faced, the joys I embraced and the disappointments I endured helped me become wiser and stronger, and better equipped to help others.

Here is to another year of progress and growth. Come what may in 2018, I pray all of us are ready...

This is just my opinion...

As a single woman, a Mormon, and a western/Chinese doctor.

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