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Let Us Be Grateful!

Thanksgiving Day! This is a purely American holiday. As an immigrant, I came late to

know about it and appreciate it. Thanksgiving is a holiday which unifies. Believers and

nonbelievers alike may celebrate it, for gratitude is a virtue that requires no church

affiliation to acquire since all we need is a good memory.

It is natural for most of us to go through life taking things and people for granted.

Exposed to beauty, grandeur, and awesomeness for long enough, we become

accustomed to it and insensible to its uniqueness.

I like the holiday of Thanksgiving Day, because at least on that day we remember. We

remember our progress and growth. We remember good times with family and friends.

We remember that as hard and difficult as our jobs might be, they help us be self-

sufficient and good providers for our families. We remember that growing older with

its achy changes is a privilege many never had. We remember the strength that came

to us through our challenges. We remember lessons well-learned, as well as our

tears and laughter, for we realize we have had some of both. We remember the people

who have enriched our lives with their genuine smiles, a heartfelt hug, a sincere

compliment. We remember our talents and the lives we have helped by using them.

So today, I want to remember that I was born of good parents who taught me to face

life with courage and faith. I remember my siblings and their families who enhance my

life every day just by existing. I remember my friends, those from my youth, my mature

years and those I have earned today. Those I met at school, or worked with. Those

who share my values and those who do not. The ones I have cried with, laughed with

and felt so comfortable with, that I was able to enjoy our silences. I remember my

patients, who trust me with their wellness and lives with such humility, I feel the burden

of that trust and seek to never disappoint them. I remember the many answered

prayers, and tiny daily miracles which follow me wherever I go. I remember the

loving God I worship and His tender mercies. I remember the love I choose to feel and

the hope I try to live with, for both are hard to come by and so empowering. Yes,

today I do remember and give thanks for who I am, what I think, and the feelings that

drive me. After all, is all about the memories...Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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