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America, The Great! Part 4

I am the most apolitical person I know. Politics bore me more than bowling. I do not understand them. Furthermore, I do not like people who have a hidden agenda. By definition, I believe most politicians lack firm beliefs and integrity. They want votes. They want to be elected. They will say what they believe we want to hear to get our vote. They also thrive in divisiveness and alienation. They will let us know by pointing fingers how much better they are compared to their opponent. A thousand dollar coat versus a 150 dollar dress, never mind that the young lady wearing the cheaper dress was married wearing a Vera Wang gown and 130 000 dollar earrings. A man who fathered five children with almost as many women versus a woman who although not an adulteress, stood behind a husband who firmly proclaimed before America not too long ago, " I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" Neither being willing to address, to our satisfaction, the very real issues we need answers to. Who do we believe? Who do we follow?

This great nation was founded by God fearing people. People who sought to worship their God freely, and did so bodly. They sought Heaven's inspiration to write a Constitution and its laws which have no parallel in any other country in the world. Prayer was a common daily occurrence, even publicly. Church attending was also more than a thing to do once a week, but true worship.

In generations past, leaders were easy to find and follow. Since a leader is someone who accomplishes goals and inspires others along the way, perhaps we must ask ourselves today as a nation what goals do we want to accomplish and what type of inspiration are we after?...

To be continued...

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